Celebrities attend the MTV Europe Awards

  • Celebrities attend the MTV Europe Awards
Celebrities attend the MTV Europe Awards 2010 at the La Caja Magica on November 7, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.
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  • Kristie Eskelson Reid
    Kristie Eskelson Reid

    One question...... why dose it look like none of these stars look like they have washed their hair in week's ????? is this a new fashion statement ???? and they all have stylists so they don't have to do their own hair ........

  • Bethany Smith
    Bethany Smith

    this is no different to what Miley wears...... wtf? It just goes to show your only complaining because Miley is childrens role models well guess what she isnt there fricking mother so man up, stop moaning and get on with your life...

  • Tony Ramos
    Tony Ramos

    Rihanna Does Do It With Class So Fuck Off

  • Reesey

    Rihanna doesn't actually do sexy with class at all so i'm sorry but you're wrong there, and like @Quita said the only reason it's a problem for Miley to dress like that is because of the crowd she attracts which are minors....

  • Quita

    Its not, its just Rhianna is grown and attracting a different crowd,.

  • Paige

    How is this any different from what Miley would wear?

  • natachanal

    Ohh rihanna is sexy and amazing

  • Isaac

    that dress was longer and $789 dollars its an atorie-vian

  • Breeze Melton
    Breeze Melton

    It's a little bit short, but that's Rihanna 4 ya', to bad Miley can't learn a few things from her if she wants to be so sexy now. At least Rihanna does it with class and style...You go girl, do the D@&n thing!!

  • Sarah

    Not too bad, actually. The outfit's just right for Rihanna!