2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed

  • 2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Best- Miley Cyrus jumped on the white and mesh trend at People's Choice pulled it off in this stunning white dress. Her date, Liam Hemsworth, wasn't hard to look at either.
2012 People's Choice Awards - Arrivals
Source: Getty Images
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  • Sam

    I'm not a Miley fan, but she looks absolutely stunning.

  • kate

    once again, no shoes. Dammit!

  • nedflanders

    Garbage is still garbage even if you put a nice dress on it. She's a slut and a pig.

  • Cara

    This looks simple and classy at the front and never mind the back.

  • maryamcullen

    She looks so stunning and sexy, this dress is so amazing and suits her so much! Love it..

  • xxangelxx

    Nice front, horrible in the back.

  • alexandra

    I like the dress but they ruined it in the back.

  • Erika

    This is really quite pretty! She's styled really well all around with her makeup, hair, and accesories too.

  • moonjewel07

    I think the dress is beautiful in front and nasty from the back.

  • This is my favourite.
    This is my favourite.

    She looks gorgeous - Classy and still sexy.