2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed

  • 2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Worst- Though we appreciate Kelly Osbourne's conservative, floor-length dress, we can't get over her pairing it with grayish hair color.
2012 People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet
Source: Getty Images
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  • kate

    First of all, what is up with these photos??? You NEED to have a full length photo to see the shoes to judge the outfit. Second, i think she looks really cute, but i want to see what shoes she wore.

  • flubber

    God she's gross.

  • Tammy

    Sorry to say, but she looks like a wax dummy in this photo.

  • alexandra

    That hair color is not working for her.

  • Erika

    I agree with Love. The dress is great and it's unfair to give her a worst rating over hair color alone. I do think though that the hair color washes her out.

  • moonjewel07

    I think a belt would have been nice.

  • Love

    I love this. I think it's a bit unfair to say it's a worst because of her hair. Her hair has been like this for a while, she can't be expected to change it for an awards ceremony. I love the dress, and the hair and the lipstick looks fab with the skirt portion of the dress!