2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed

  • 2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Best - Chloe Moretz, 14, was 'kick ass' in this green and black (age appropriate) number.
2012 People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet
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  • Tammy

    My grandmother actually had a couch in which the material was made just like that dress only it had maroon in it instead of green. The look on the woman's face in the background says it all! LOL!

  • Erika

    Once again, I have to disagree with the comments. I like this dress on her. The colors look good and the shape is not overly sexy which is okay. I wouldn't call it the best but I think it's nice regardless.

  • moonjewel07

    Hey, she wore her sofa blanket.

  • Not a fan of it
    Not a fan of it

    Just because she's 14 doesn't mean she has to dress with a collar up to her neck, in something that looks quite badly made. She could have looked classy with just the right amount of sass at the same time.

  • HannahB

    Best?? huh!?! I think you mean worst!

  • Allie

    This got best over Kaley Cuoco's dress? Seriously? It looks like something anyone could have knitted.