2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed

  • 2012 People's Choice Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Best- 'Glee' gal really pulls off this Marchesa flapper-esque fashion. With all those tassels, this would be a great dancing dress!
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  • BlueRubys

    I think she looks beutiful, love the hair, makeup is lovely, and i really loooove the dress at has kinda an old time theme to it

  • RobN

    I really hate the all the hair on one side fad.

  • Erika

    The dress is kind of neat in a vintage or "flapper" kind of way but I wouldn't call it "best dressed" by any means. I'm especially not fond of her hair (it looks too big) or makeup (the pink shade on her lips looks wrong with her skin tone).

  • moonjewel07

    Think the dress is too busy, overdone. Not a good one.

  • courtneybaaaby

    bad dress.

  • Not my favourite
    Not my favourite

    I think she's gorgeous and that her makeup and hair looks lovely. But not a fan of the dress. To some degree it is nice, but I don't like the length of it - it's a bit awkward. And the layering of the tassels and flaps near the bottom of the dress make it look awkward. Just my opinion, not hating on Lea, just not my favourite outfit.

  • beautiful and talented
    beautiful and talented

    gorgeous, she looks beautiful the dress is stunning and the hair and makeup looks great too.