• Looper
Director Rian Johnson is a man without a genre. Having crafted his first film Brick as a sharply written, modern-day homage to film-noir, he surprised many by returning with The Brothers Bloom, a light-as-air tribute to the grift film filled with more whimsy than Wes Anderson on ecstasy. Consequently, nobody could have anticipated Looper, as clever a spin on the time-travel thriller as the original Terminator.In many ways, Looper proved to be Johnson's "coming out" party as a director in the league of Christopher Nolan -- whip-smart, daring and intensely visual. The story of a young man attempting to hunt down his future self is filled with clever twists, stirring motivations and jaw-dropping time-travel sequences that we honestly hadn't seen in a film like this before. Maybe-Batman Joseph Gordon-Levitt and future G.I. Joe Bruce Willis team up for one hell of a smart, effective thrill-ride.
Source: Tri Star Pictures
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