2014 Oscar Nomination Reactions

  • 2014 Oscar Nomination Reactions
Jared Leto, best supporting actor nominee for Dallas Buyers Club: For a moment, the actor's hopes were dashed. "I thought I didn't get the nomination because I woke up and [mistakenly] thought it was getting light outside. But then I got a knock on the door from Emma Ludbrook, who produced Artifact with me," says Leto, who was at his home in Los Angeles. "It feels absolutely amazing, and I'm incredibly honored to be part of this insanity. It's an absolute dream and I'm so proud to be part of a $4 million film about people fighting for their lives." Both Leto and Matthew McConaughey – nominated for best actor — had to lose a substantial amount of weight. "Every scene, every day was incredibly challenging," he says. So how will Leto spend the rest of the day? "I'm going back to bed and then wake up and make vegan pancakes."
Source: WENN
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