Lady Gaga s Meat Dress

  • Lady Gaga s Meat Dress
Lady Gaga's Meat Dress. Do you really want to walk around wearing raw meat this Halloween? Gaga is one of this year's hottest costumes but her 2010 VMA meat look should be avoided at all costs.
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  • Alexxise

    she just made history very talented but very odd who else do u think wood wear that other than david bowie and frank zappa i mean c'mon

  • Julieee

    NASTY-ASS sh*t!! EEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  • Mich Amoroso
    Mich Amoroso

    loL. i would die laughing if someone dressed like lady gaga..

  • maxsteel5000

    i love bbq on my meat hun