Halle Berry -- Best Actress, 'Monster's Ball'

  • Halle Berry -- Best Actress, 'Monster's Ball'
Berry’s fearless turn in 2000’s Monster’s Ball earned her both the Oscar for Best Actress and the distinction of being the first African-American to win the award. Her follow-up project was Die Another Day, arguably the worst James Bond movie in the history of the franchise. The only thing faster than her rise to the top of the A-List was her fall from it. Blame 2004’s critically-panned Gothika and Catwoman for why she recently headlined the direct-to-DVD Dark Tide. 
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  • ragman2ndgen

    The Bond movie "Die Another Day" was not a bad movie. I have seen worst ones with Roger Moore, Sean Connery (the last one he did) and the one-time appearance actors. I would put this one in the above average category (7 out of 10 rating).