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Noah Cyrus is far ahead of Miley Cyrus' career pace at only ten years old. She and Miley both had their first minor roles on their father Billy Ray's medical drama "Doc" in the early 2000s. In 2009, Noah provided the voice over for the lead role in the Japanese film "Ponyo." It wasn't until "Hannah Montana: The Movie" when Miley was 15 that she had the lead in a movie.
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  • Kelly Mcgovney
    Kelly Mcgovney

    your fucked up. she is alittle girl, does that make u feel bad ass typing stupid shit

  • smileymiley

    i love Miley, but i think Noah is kind of annoying and shell never be as good as Miley, honestly Miley is the only superstar they have in the family, except Billy Ray ofcourse...

  • Caarly

    I really like Miley but I think her parents just cant get enough of the fame so they push Noah way too hard!

  • ishidaboss

    i saw noah in a video talking about justin bieber

  • Someone

    What?! Miley get a little sister?! I didn't know ;OO New to me, they dont look same that all!

  • Janik

    Love Miley :) I think Noah can't ever been like miley. Noah try to be something relly cool and like that but she isn't. I think she looks litlle weird too, not ugly but weird. She should be only Miley's litllesister.

  • dafish11

    shesguna become like her sister if she goes in the business......i saw a pic of noah showing her bra....look it up

  • YourMum

    Oh God, please don't let Noah get into the acting business. Please, I beg of you. Sincerely, the public who don't want to see an ugly child on our screens.

  • Lola

    Love Miley...! this is stupid Noah just give his voice to a film she didnt act so she isnt in the same category as her sister...!!!