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1. White on white. Both videos featured a dance scene of white-clad dancers dancing against a white background. Christina gets some extra points for only featuring herself in the dance scene but Gaga's outfit is a lot more fierce.
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  • Luna

    I'm a huge Gaga fan, like really a huge one and love Christina at the same time and even I find these comparisons pathetic, both of them are successful and talented in their own way.

  • Unbelieveable

    I cant believe Christina is NOT embarressed of all this....what a rat! Cheap DIRRTY Wanna B Genie!

  • Unbelievable

    OMG! What a rat! I cant believe Christina is embarressed about this all! She is totally over with, move over, cuz GAGA is here to stay....and p.s. to christy, go find your own style you freakin idiot!

  • asia

    how is Gaga's outfit fiercer?Its a bodysuit with a crown covering 75% of her face.

  • saint mond
    saint mond

    0k i luv x-tina but this is way too much!!!!either she did want it or not it's pretty much a copy from lady gaga!!maybe she wanted to grab attention to her new vid&song... '''som if she want a attention'''''copycat bitch''''lady gaga is have a originality..oh Xtina go back and continue being dirrty...thats ur thing''

  • abyliciousness

    wow haters. hop off gaga's dick, just because she's what's "in" right now you think Christina copied her?...shame. where is the post about gaga copying madonna?..exactly.

  • Tyler

    Um Lady Gaga has been copying Madonna with the whole fashion and shock thing since she first bust on the scene, so I challenge any pop artist of today with originality. Plus, it's just a music video, who cares who copied who, this isn't junior high, move on to more important worries.

  • roger

    It's just a matter of time that people will realize how unoriginal Lady Gaga is. She's copied from Seven (a female group), Grace Jones, and many more. I do give her credit for copying something and putting the "interesting" factor to it. Anybody who thinks "I want your ugly, I want your disease" line as poetic is plain crazy. Sorry, Cindy Lauper. No wonder you're not longer in business.

  • Maria.

    I'm sorry, but Christina was famous waaaay before Gaga became famous. even if the two videos are so similar...

  • 1218

    wow this is so over thought ! and the last pic is bullsh*t. both of them are two different people ... i wud love it if ppl wud just cut the crap

  • Speidi

    lmfao.. they look like the KKK xDDDD LOL! In Christina's video COME ON OVER BABY in year 2000 she wore white and had a white background.

  • omglollolololol

    lmfao.. they look like the KKK xDDDD

  • Adamah Matayu
    Adamah Matayu

    Ok, maybe a couple of things you can compare but the rest is just you being silly!! If she really copied anyone in this video its more so Madonna then anything and Lady Gaga bit off from Madonna so who cares!! Not much is original anymore just how you take something thats been done before and make it your own!!! Also, Christina probably wanted the many comparisons in order to garner attention as the song on a scale of 1-10 is a 5..meaning nothing special but its ok!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    Christina is booooring, Gaga is our new Madonna :-*

  • I Just Can't
    I Just Can't

    Lol. This is beyond ludacris. Lol

  • Joey Broyles
    Joey Broyles

    Really? These are two different concepts. I can find like 40 music videos that have these exact poses in the world of Pop Music. I suppose you don't know that Gaga borrowed this concept from 2001 Space Odyssey? This is just stupid! Gaga is not the first to do anything! But no doubt she's an amazing innovative creature, but seriously you are just being ridiculous!

  • mydecember

    Gaga invented the color white. Gaga invented oxygen and water. [2] I second this. Gaga also invented that people have a back and an ass, so everyone that has one should hide it, don't wanna copy Gaga!!

  • mepi

    0k i luv x-tina but this is way too much!!!!either she did want it or not it's pretty much a copy from lady gaga!!maybe she wanted to grab attention to her new vid&song...

  • BenGray10

    There was a much better picture from the Bad Romance video that shows just how similar Chirstina's outfit is. Remember Lady Gaga's chainmail outfit and crown? Now think of the scene with Lady Gaga wearing that outfit with her backup dancers behind her, and you'll see that Christina absolutely ripped of Gaga's idea.

  • Chris

    Is this supposed to be a joke? Fail if it is. It just makes you look like an idiot.

  • Speidi

    Gaga invented the color white. Gaga invented oxygen and water.

  • Matt

    You're just too funny!

  • wow

    Christina is trying too hard. totally agreed [img src="gagaversusxtina_oPt"]

  • UGH

    Christina is trying too hard.

  • RajibDavid

    Joke right?

  • crazy

    I hope this is a joke.