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7. Eye Couture. The pointy eye decorations that Christina sports look oddly familiar to the metal glasses that Lady Gaga wore in a scene of her video. We bet Gaga's eyewear was much more comfortable to wear.
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  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    Gaga is better but this comparsion is stupid :D

  • ReallySad

    Christina's are eyelashes, Gaga's are sunglasses. I'm lost. You must be making fun of this whole "copy" thing.

  • Joey Broyles
    Joey Broyles

    Apparently if anyone wears a pair of sunglasses you'd compare it to Lady Gaga. Elton John use to wear wacky sunglasses way before the time of Stefani Germonotta!

  • lala

    are you serious?? this hasn't got anything to do one thing with another!! Lady GaGa sucks, Christina rocks THE END!!

  • xisme

    what the hell? theres no comparsion there at all!! you idiot! christinas one is way more wacky and creative.. gaga is to stupid to think of make up being an accessorie.