After leaving 90210 Jason worked

  • After leaving 90210  Jason worked
After leaving 90210, Jason worked steadily as an actor through the 2000s, including work on "Tru Calling" and "What I Like About You." He also got into directing, with work on "7th Heaven" and "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager." Like his good buddy Luke Perry, he refused the opportunity to play Brandon Walsh again on the new "90210," but he did direct one episode. As for his personal life, Brandon is happily married and is a father to two kids. He's also really into race car driving. You gotta admit, that's pretty sexy.
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  • electricstarlet

    where do they find theys pictures lol...I have seen him on some shows recently and he looks really good. Sometimes I wonder about theys pictures lol


    *stares at beard growing on neck* god.I wanna take a razor to him SO bad ughhhh

  • Love2Love

    Isn't that the Unabomber?

  • Taylor

    looks like joe mcintyre from nkotb

  • Porny Panda
    Porny Panda

    Jesus, looks bad!

  • Paula

    Doesn't anyone ever shave anymore??!!

  • A.J.

    not so pretty anymore, but there's a warmth and tenderness in the eyes that's quite beautiful

  • jj

    he had that car accident while he was racing and yes he had to have facial reconstructive surgery because of it.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    He had HUGE car accident because he was riding too fast.

  • Sara

    Wasn't he in a terrible car or motorcycle accident where he almost died? I think he had to have all this facial reconstructive surgery. So given that, I think he looks pretty good!

  • Ms.V

    Homeless drunk professor? I think this guy taught my Accounting II class last semester.

  • scenes

    f*ck"!!! this sorprised me!! JAAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • unminuit

    Nooo! He looks like a homeless drunk professor!