Things turned bad starting in 2000

  • Things turned bad starting in 2000
Things turned bad starting in 2000, when he was arrested for being drunk in public. Then there was a DUI in 2003 and an incident with a SWAT team after he beat up his girlfriend in 2005. Seriously. And there was a nasty drug addiction as well. These days, he's keeping a low profile and trying to get back into the acting business. We wish him luck!
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  • Shannan Johnson
    Shannan Johnson

    I dont believe that is him! I want proof.. bullsh*t!!

  • sahar

    he looks so old but really sexyyy

  • gg

    Yes! Wish someone who beat up his gf luck! Well done Celebuzz! Not a stupid comment at all!

  • Fifi Quimbo
    Fifi Quimbo

    He looks so rugged and sexy. I like. :>

  • punjabi

    crazy eyes

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    OMG he looks...HOT!!!!Wrong person alert alert WRONG PERSON!!!

  • Crsipy Strips
    Crsipy Strips

    WRONG PIC!! they have the same pic on imdb

  • al

    aged way beyond kewl into the twilight years

  • taylor

    he looks like nick carter in his recent pic....i sent him fan letter last yr and he didnt reply. boooooooooo.......

  • benson

    this cant be devon sawa

  • sondra08asm

    geesh he doesn't even look the same!

  • amy1011

    Oh I loved him and he looks Handsome now....I wondered about him.

  • Anony

    These peeps can't get details nor pictures right. Google Devon Sawa, I'm sure the info & pics there are more accurate...

  • jmv

    they have the wrong picture!.. lmaoooo yea, it's the wrong pic lol

  • bluesbaby

    I give up who is it? Why did they write this story if they don't tell where these people are now and what they are doing?

  • jen

    OMG! little giants and wild america!! I feel old! JTT was in wild america too, I thought this one, the one in the pic, was the ugliest of the 3, but he sure looks good now!! haha

  • anna

    he was ugly but he looks hot now!!

  • S

    he is teaching acting classes. i know someone who worked with him a few months ago.

  • needge

    Holey crap he looks like a completely different person

  • kami

    parece otra persona

  • andrea

    he looks HAWTTT!!

  • Yeya

    um... i believe there are two sides to every story. What matters is that he's getting himself back on his feet again. If you watch NCIS:Los Angeles ep. "The Bank Job" you'll see he hasn't lost his touch! Don't believe everything you read, just sayin'. God Bless

  • Savannah

    I loved him ever since Casper...Wild America? one of my faves (also had JTT in it!!) I keep up with him now on, much better than all the Teen Beat Magazines i used to spend ALL my babysitting money on. I hope he stays well.

  • asharhri

    they have the wrong picture!.. lmaoooo

  • tina

    umm homeboy looks good. hot. i had the HUGEST crush on him a la Little Giants days.

  • unminuit

    Nooooo! To the story on the right. I wish I could unread that. He's still good looking though! He's kind of got a Viggo Mortensen thing going on.

  • me

    He looks really old!

  • spiniton85

    He was still great in the movie Slackers. One of the funniest movies ever.

  • Marianne

    WTF happened to him? He doesn't even look the same.