A Look at 'Kardashian' Promo Pics: Then and Now

  • A Look at 'Kardashian' Promo Pics: Then and Now
The entire Kardashian/Jenner clan poses in this promo photo for season six of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'
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  • Melissa

    Wow you guys can't spell or speak English properly. The Kardashians have multiple business ventures and fyi Kim got her start as a stylist to the stars. Kim obviously has taste, they all do which is why they have clothing lines, perfumes etc. Kim is beautiful and works very hard for what she has. I think haters need to just get a life and stop spewing negativity just because they have nothing better to do. I think taking an English class would be a much better use of your time.

  • Eryka

    Mia, you must not hate them very much if you took the time to go and look at their pictures... so shutup!!!! you are just jealous that they have lives and you dont. you dont have to like them but that doesnt mean you have to put them down!!!

  • Eryka

    i meant i agree with allison b

  • Eryka

    I agree with you!!!!! :) :)

  • Julie

    You mad bro ? Haven't you noticed that they are models, Reality TV stars , & Kourtney was in a TV show ( appearing) ? I bet you didn't know that ! Don't judge them , you don't even know them ! should i judge you even though i don't know you ?

  • kire

    They have all that because fools like you give up your money to them.

  • Allison B.
    Allison B.

    If you actually knew the Kardashians you would know why they are famous! they work hard for everything they have! they have clothing lines, a store, a show, and a whole empire built! stop putting them down! they work really hard, all you haters probably dont know the true them. I bet once you do, you will wish you didn't say what you have said about them! rude people!

  • dork

    you right!!!

  • dork

    I’m so sick of hearing about the darn Kardashian that’s all the channel E! only talk about now they don’t have no more celebrity hmmm…??? I guess NOT! I don’t even know why they call them celebrity. They all fake specially Kim!!! She makes nasty videos and now she fames.

  • mia

    I don’t get why they so famous they don’t do anything. They only reason they are sooo…famous is because kim kardashian PORN videos. Now she want to pretended to be miss classic and serious girly girl. The KUWTK is about the “Kardashian only" but all you see is picture only the sis and the two little sis. BUT WHERE IS ROB PICTURE WITH THE FAMILY HIS A KARDASHIAN TOO. KRIS AND THE TOW LITTLE GIRL ARE NOT A KARDASHIAN THEY ARE JENNER SO GET IT RIGHT E!