Actresses Who Auditioned for Katniss Everdeen

  • Actresses Who Auditioned for Katniss Everdeen
British actress Kaya Scodelario was a fan favorite from the get-go. "Ok so i have had a lot of people asking if i have been sent a certain script for a film based on a book. yes i have. i like it," she wrote on her Twitter, "BUT there's probably a million other people auditioning for the part and its not up to me. but lets see what happens. thanks to the fans of THG who suggested me." Her rep later on confirmed that she had auditioned for the part.
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  • Chany

    She could have been a VERY good katniss but Jennufer is the best!!! :)

  • Katnaii

    No way, Kaya is NO Katniss.

  • qwertyuio

    Kaya is a perfect kattniss.

  • Miranda

    Thank god she wasn't chosen. She looks like a druggie