Actresses Who Auditioned for Katniss Everdeen

  • Actresses Who Auditioned for Katniss Everdeen
Malese Jow prompted speculations when she tweeted a cryptic message about her audition on Twitter, saying: "Yes!!! Let the games begin… ; )" Unfortunately, the role of Katniss was later on given to someone else.
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  • hungergameslover

    She's very pretty but I don't think she'd make a good Katniss. I'm glad they picked Jennifer

  • Brittany Pickett
    Brittany Pickett

    Im not saying shes not a good actress, but how did she get an audition. I can understand not having the same hair color or eye color as the character because those things can be changed, but shes a completely different ethnicity.

  • Ronnie11

    How did this bitch even got an audition? Lol.