Actresses Who Auditioned for Katniss Everdeen

  • Actresses Who Auditioned for Katniss Everdeen
In March 2011, a Lionsgate source confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Kick-Ass star Chloe Moretz met with studios execs to talk about auditions for Katniss.
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  • lorain

    anyone but her! she's so disney! Her looks and her voice and the way she acts! She doesnt look tough enough to play Katniss

  • Macarena

    look, Katniss must grow up fast because she needed help his family, so 21 years old are okay because is a mature face, like she for his 16 years old. For me Jennifer Lawrence is perfect for the movie.

  • Katnaii

    No way, Chloe could have been PRIM, but not Katniss! It would have been TOO weird co-starring beside Liam anyhow, THINK ABOUT IT.

  • Courtney

    What are you talking about? She's 15. o.O Katniss is 16, so I believe 14 - 20 would have been a better fit. Although 21 is ok, I think Jennifer looked a bit too mature and well fed to be Katniss, although she did do an amazing job acting-wise.

  • Kitten Karloso
    Kitten Karloso

    I woiuln't really split hairs here, guys. Katniss is also supposed to have a darker complection, but I suppose "white-washing" is easier for the public to understand?

  • Diana

    WHY didn't Chloe get the role? WHY?! Chloe's a good actress. Katniss was supposed to be 16 years old. Jennifer Lawrence is like waaaay too old. :/

  • Miranda

    She is WAAAAAAY too young