Adam Lambert's Top 10 Wardrobe Masterpieces

  • Adam Lambert's Top 10 Wardrobe Masterpieces
1. Whether it's a little S&M or a game of football, caged shoulder pads ensure Lambert will be ready.
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  • adam lover
    adam lover

    i love u adam u are so sexy

  • CherelleDay

    Ah, we love his fashion originality like we love everything else about this legend-in-the-making!

  • Pam

    Perfect costume choice, perfect performance. Absolutely awesome.

  • Key

    He looks absolutely versatile. Different looks have different feels and he changes his costume according to occasions. Most importantly, we find many he's a master at matching older clothes and accessories with new ones. He should try a fashion lecture, lol

  • RockeGirl

    This Beth/Kiss performance is what got me HOOKED on ADAM! I have never been disappointed with him. Love that he is always changing it up and keeping fans surprised. Adam is a true Showman! Talent, charm, good looks and a nice guy!

  • Lauriellen

    I vote for doing Adam's top 100 outfits with weekly updates. The kilt in Scotland..THUD!

  • Krista

    Not the best picture of this fantastic outfit. He rocked it with KISS. Actually he out KISS'ed KISS imo! Loved the look.

  • Jenn

    Adam is stunning. He is so versitile and so beautiful inside and out. YOu didn't include the Stephen Speilberg outfit which was lovely and all the red carpet stuff - And his Idol tour outfits were hot as well.

  • Tari

    That was a page flipper! Can anyone beat this man in fun or beauty? Not on this planet. Wow, Mr. Lambert is a doll.