Adam Lambert's Top 10 Wardrobe Masterpieces

  • Adam Lambert's Top 10 Wardrobe Masterpieces
9. To toughen up his leather jacket and fingerless gloves, Lambert has armored himself with foil-like spandex and porcupine-like boots.
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  • Ruth

    Oooooh Yesss. Everything looks much better with the magnifier feature!!!

  • Jessie

    For pants I love the ones above and the ones with the cod piece. If he was in front of me I'd say "Adam quick turn around what' behind you - oh I'm bad, I thought I saw someone". If he falls for that trick then I'd follow with accidently throwing my pencil behind him and saying "Adam could you pick that up for me". Maybe try the bend and snap trick.

  • Pam

    And I thought they were boots! Love the magnifying feature on this pic. They're actually spiky metal chap-like things that are strapped on. He could wear them with his spiky sporran given to him by the Scots.

  • Jenn

    Yeah Adam is super HOT!!! Love his sense of style

  • RockerGirl

    Edit to my prior post: should say NOW instead of "not". It is "NOW the UK and on to Germany".

  • RockerGirl

    The pants here were given to him by a DJ in Australia. He told her he would wear them in Japan, and he did. This was for a show he did there. Then the DJ got word about it and was thrilled - as are the rest of us Adam lovers... He can certainly ROCK the tights! Adam is on his international promo tour right now and has been to Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Scotland and not the UK and on to Germany. He is being welcomed with open arms abroad. Adam = Showmanship and is always changing it up. Love all his outfits - but may I say as a female I really like the tight pants look on him... And glad to see a guy who is not afraid to Rock that look sometimes!