Adam Levine Poses For Terry Richardson

  • Adam Levine Poses For Terry Richardson
'The Voice' team leader Adam Levine poses for a photo shoot for Terry Richardson.
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  • Sherrie

    No offense I love his music, but really he gets the ass he does cause he's got money/fame... now maybe that makes someone and maybe it truely doesnt... but in truth he's got kind'a strong facial features in some of his photo shot's... (not being a hater just my oppinion) he's not a attractive man he's to pail and all tattooed up and he has no body.... too skinny!... (different strokes for different folk's) do we really care who he's dating... their models.... Models date & marry mick jagar's and lead singers of aero smith.... duhhh they didnt marry them for their look's (have you seen their biography's)... hello? its all about the cha -ching! and sometimes they end up with beautiful kid's like ...liv tyler... come on report something worth reading...people please ..... but I'm a fan of Adam & steve... much love and honest oppinion...... I'm sure I'm no super model!