Adult Actors Who Play Teens on TV

  • Adult Actors Who Play Teens on TV
At 32, Ian Somerhalder was cast as the 17-year-old Damon Salvatore in 'The Vampire Diaries.'
Source: CW
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  • nix

    he's so hot!just sayin'.... :D

  • mas

    check your facts celebuzz damon is supposed to be 23-24. Paul Wesley who is 29 now was cast to play 17 year old stefan, he should be in your list instead.

  • Devany

    So not true, he was cast as a 24 year old, but instead, Stefan Salvatore is actually 17 (165 )

  • newena

    FYI Damon is not 17 he's around 23! :D Just sayin'! :D