Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas’ Twitter Harasser

  • Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas’ Twitter Harasser
In March 2012, some one was reportedly sending his fiancée Hilaria Thomas threatening messages, and Baldwin used Twitter to fight back. He said: “"I have some wonderful, fully engaged and, sometimes critical people that I encounter here. Some of them, very few in fact, cross a line and, for example, attack my relationship with my daughter. One person, however, has really gone too far." Then, Baldwin gave out the person’s Twitter handle, @scarfacemadam, and said that they "entered the twitter-verse ONLY to harass my girlfriend" saying they were” borderline threatening." He then called on his followers to "go to her address, and read just a few of her posts, and give her your notice of her behavior." Afterwards, the person deleted their account, and Baldwin deleted the call-to-action tweets.
Source: FameFlynet
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