Ali Lohan Steps Out in Beverly Hills

  • Ali Lohan Steps Out in Beverly Hills
Ali Lohan was spotted leaving Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills, CA, with Lindsay Lohan's assistant.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Fricken Fracken
    Fricken Fracken

    is this person on drugs? Looks like a heroin addict. NOT,,,could NOT be that cute, sprite, young girl we saw on TV 2 years ago!!

  • David Angel
    David Angel

    All my lovesongs are only 4 U Ali..someday so next U will go to ear me..I promise princess!!!...

  • David Angel
    David Angel

    I dont have dudes,,she look like the most beautiful girl in the WORLD!!!.forever I lov U,i hate U, I looooooooooov UUUUUUUUUUUUU Ali!..

  • David Angel
    David Angel

    just a word:¬°¬°AMAZING!!..I wna married whit U Ali pliss!...

  • Andrea


  • melodayy08

    i would have never guessed that was her :(

  • Erica Nicole Vasquez
    Erica Nicole Vasquez

    From this side view she looks like a man. Now, I feel bad saying that if she has had no plastic surgery. Which if she did have a surgery it's a shame cause she's so young, and she hasn't finished developing. The face changes every 7 years? So it's a shame if she did cause she was pretty. And it's also sad if this is her real face, just a "growing up" face.