Ali Lohan Steps Out in Beverly Hills

  • Ali Lohan Steps Out in Beverly Hills
Ali Lohan was spotted leaving Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills, CA, with Lindsay Lohan's assistant.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • girlgirl

    She looks like she was just rescued from a Jewish Concentration Camp! Yes, Ali, you look THAT bad... You're heart isn't going to last much longer. You have one of the worst anorexic looks I've ever seen. I swear to god you would look 1000x better with 25 more lbs. You'd still look anorexic with 25 more lbs too.

  • That sucks
    That sucks

    She looks lik and 40 yearold who is on crack. She was WAY prettier before!!!!!!!

  • Candace

    I am not trying to be mean, but she was so beautiful before this "transformation". Can she not look at pictures of herself and see that? And its not really all the weight she has lost- So her sister can be quiet. Its the way her skin, hair and face in general look...she looks so aged...what did they do to her????

  • David Angel
    David Angel

    Ali princess!!..I wna be whit U foreveeer!!!!...

  • sammytristan

    Wow she looks sickly. What a change, and not a good one either! She looks like an aged lady & I think she's like what 17? lol that's sad.

  • Shannon

    She looks like Russel Brand

  • Natie

    Sorry but this is not a female... omg her face ewwww =O

  • hallen

    EWWWWWW. Who is that old ugly person and what did she do to gorgeous young lady Ali Lohan???

  • Amanda

    She looks dead.

  • Amanda

    She looks like she died.


    I think she looked prettier before. She looks anorexic and her hair looks unhealthy and washes out her complexion

  • ashhhulee

    She looks like a tranny. wtf.