Ali Lohan Steps Out in Beverly Hills

  • Ali Lohan Steps Out in Beverly Hills
Ali Lohan was spotted leaving Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills, CA, with Lindsay Lohan's assistant.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Louise Winchester
    Louise Winchester

    she is clearly anorexic

  • Shanese

    She looks dead. I'm so sick of pretty girls coming back looking like a whole different person. She was beautiful before. :( <---- that was me being sad for her. What the hell is her mother doing about this?

  • Lily
    Lily she a ghost?? she look awfulllll...!! poor her..!

  • Wack

    tranny face :(

  • David Angel
    David Angel

    Ali princess..U re th only owner of all my feelings!!!!...

  • Alli

    i absolutely cannot believe how awful she looks

  • wtf?

    Why are you posing like that? You look disgusting (sorry)

  • Kandra

    ohh girl!! you WERE so pretty! what happn to u??

  • Kandra

    WTF??? NO, NO, NO, NO!!

  • Jo

    Ew. She looks like she just stepped out of a trailer park. What did she do?

  • Jen Dhana Clarke
    Jen Dhana Clarke

    OMG I thought the first pic was her 'after pic'. She looks horrible now. Too thin, eyebrows ugggg, and that outfit is horrible. She has to be partying with mom and sis; so not healthy anymore.

  • Renee

    she is definitely ill. there's no way she's not. i'm literally frightened by these photos. someone needs to get her help.

  • Crystal

    wow that doesnt even look like her anymore. how sad. and that girl needs to put some weight on and some muscle tone. I hate when celebrities go too far with this stuff. And she was so much prettier before.

  • Adrienne

    :o!!!! EEEWWWW!!! She looks terrible. This ain't the effects of plastic surgery alone....She's either anorexic or on that 'stuff'. smh. she needs help.

  • Adriana

    Someone get this girl a sandwich! She was sooo pretty!! She looks like a compeltly different person, how sad!