Alica Keys and Swizz Beatz take

  • Alica Keys and Swizz Beatz take
Alica Keys and Swizz Beatz take their newborn baby out in New York City on October 18, 2010.
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  • Jackie Daddylookgood Anderson
    Jackie Daddylookgood Anderson

    Everyone can say what they want, but babyboy Egypt is well taken care of. by both parents. Alicia and Swizz, do yall think. 4get all the critics and haters. The Lord is watching over all of you. What the Lord put together, let no man (and no woman) pull apart. The right woman can make any man a good man. Believe me, I know. Praise the Lord for the union of the 3 of you.

  • BEE

    It really sucks that mashanda had to go threw all of that. it's not like they were seperated. They were together and still intimate and she was pregnant. I could only imagine how i would feel if I thought my relationship was fine and come to find out that they were having an affair for months. It would be heartbreaking. I'm sure alot of people knew about it and said nothing. I would feel like an idiot. Don't get me wrong I love Alicia Keys to death. I have every cd, dvd, book everything and I don't plan to stop just because she had an affair with swiss. Who knows what he was telling her about their relationship. I have never heard of Alicia being a part of any other scandal and its not like she has the rep of being a slut. Sometimes when people have a connection and fall in love there isn't anything or anyone can do to stop them from being together. So yeah mistakes were made and alot was in bad timing. All I can say is that GOD has a plan for all of us and all the things we go threw make us who we are. All the best to my favorite singer Alicia and swizz and their new baby. May you have all the blessings in the universe ALLAH SHALLAH nothing missing nothing broken. I would also like to send my support and thoughts out to Mashanda. I admire the way you have handled the situation in the press. I hope you much happiness and blessings. I do not judge anybody and I can see both sides of the story. I love everybody and we all no its a fact that we reep what we sew . and if there is anyone in this situation to be judged it should be swizz. but i still love him to. I am the amulet of forgivness. We all just need to remember to put our childern first and never put our childeren in the middle because it changes who they are. Just my opinion

  • Michele

    CONGRADULATION-Why are you hating on Alicia's husband..I believe when a man finds the right woman he will do what ever it takes to stay with her. I wish Alisha,Swiss and the bay boy the Best!

  • Toni

    Congratualations Alicia and Swiss!!!

  • Toni

    Some men cheat on some women some men beat on a women and that same cheater and beater will be a better man to the next women. It just depends on what type of women you are. If you put up with crap then they are going to give you crap. Alicia does not need Swiss to make her whole. Maybe his wife needed him and he new it. The diffrence with Alicia he can walk away today and she might be hurt but she can go on.

  • della stanley
    della stanley

    alicia keys i hope your husband don't cheat on you like he did on his ex wife god bless you and the baby egypt and why did you name him egypt it's differant but congratulations on your new baby..........

  • Della Stanley
    Della Stanley

    i like alicia keys songs i think she is a wonderful singer but why swiss beats i hope he don't cheat on her she is to pretty for heart break .........

  • Florence Rutledge Gordon
    Florence Rutledge Gordon

    Alicia Keys is a wonderful artist...I really enjoy her music...and she is beautiful as well. Congratulations on the birth of baby Egypt. She should keep an eye on that sleazy husband of hers though. Once a cheater...always a cheater. Remember you reap what you sow! He cheated on his ex..... and abandoned his other kids! enough said!

  • Opsmith83

    I dont think his ex should be made maybe Alicia did her a favor. Swiss seems like a jerk maybe his ex can find someone who can treat her better


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