BFFs Forever

  • BFFs Forever
Johnson and Bynes (pictured above) were so close, "All That’s" youngest rising star made her a photo album of their favorite on-set moments: “I would tell her to be careful who’s in your corner because your real friends have your back,” Johnson told CB! if she had a chance to speak to Bynes. “I know she’s estranged from her parents, but where is everyone else? Where are her loved ones? It seems that she's really alienated herself. I tried to reach out on Twitter and she got mad at me and blocked me,” added Johnson, 31, who’s still acting and hosts an online radio show, Uncensored Radio, based in Las Vegas. “I told her if you want to let loose and party and have a driver and go out responsibly, come to Vegas and I’ll take care of you. I think she thought I was making fun of her and I wasn’t.”
Source: Katrina Johnson
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