Rapper Kayne West and his stunning

  • Rapper Kayne West and his stunning
Rapper Kayne West and his stunning girlfriend, Amber Rose, who sunbathed topless, spend the afternoon on the beach of their Miami Beach hotel sipping champagne on August 18, 2009. West stuck his finger up at the photographers as they tried to hide behind the cabanas they had placed for extreme privacy under the watchful eye of security.
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  • Den Eice
    Den Eice

    I think she's beautiful. I wish she would grow her hair out though. I'm curious as to see how she looks with hair. And I hope Kim K sees these pics. LoL!!!!

  • EOAE

    I don't get why people are being so mean? She has a beautiful body a cute face and her head is shaved, what, because she doesn't have super long hair and flowing extentions she has to be ragged on??? I think people are just envious and afraid to admit to their own flaws. Hell, Id be the first to admit mine. I am a female my ass weighs in at 243 lbs. And I have stretch marks, in wich I am proud of every damned one cause I got 2 beautiful girls to show for it, I have Beautiful gray eyes and long black hair, but my best features are my heart and the fact that I dont pass harsh judgments bout anyone unless they cross me. And as far as her going topless and wearing a thong, God created EVERYONE and I havent seen a person yet that was born with clothes on and if EVE wouldnt bit into the forbidden fruit, none of us would find this as a flaw or fault. I'm not knocking any one....Im just saying people shouldnt be so quick to judge. I know there are a ton of people that are gonna ragg on every thing I just said but thats ok. Every one has their own oppinion.

  • ALDO


  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace

    Who dat, bitch?

  • kthxbye

    eww stop scratching your ass bitch