Rapper Kayne West and his stunning

  • Rapper Kayne West and his stunning
Rapper Kayne West and his stunning girlfriend, Amber Rose, who sunbathed topless, spend the afternoon on the beach of their Miami Beach hotel sipping champagne on August 18, 2009. West stuck his finger up at the photographers as they tried to hide behind the cabanas they had placed for extreme privacy under the watchful eye of security.
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  • DKK

    I love Amber!

  • widow76

    Maybe you have issues with your sexuality? You really need hair to let you know that you are f**kin' a chick?

  • anon

    how are they thunder thighs? keep clicking through these photos and she probably has one of the skinniest legs!

  • cwhite35

    Are u serious? Her thighs are fine. Just bc they aren't twigs, she has thunder thighs? Get a fu*kin life. That's probably why your gf is throwing up her food as we speak.

  • cwhite35

    Amber's body is one to envy. That part of her is beautiful. Don't think she's that stunning face-wise tho. Maybe if she colored her buzz cut darker or just had longer hair in general, it would suit her more.

  • dont get it
    dont get it

    stunningly weird-looking. Her haircut and color are unusual but other than that...yuck.

  • L R
    L R

    still a mess!

  • Zeus

    As a grown man who knows better....this chick will put it on ya!

  • Kel

    thunder thighs....yeeeck.


    What's with the shaven head?? That's disgusting, makes you wonder if Kanye has some issues with his sexuality.

  • kath

    Yuck x2 (him and her)

  • noemi

    her head is whiter then the rest ahahahaha

  • kthxbye

    she/he is far from stunning