Rapper Kayne West and his stunning

  • Rapper Kayne West and his stunning
Rapper Kayne West and his stunning girlfriend, Amber Rose, who sunbathed topless, spend the afternoon on the beach of their Miami Beach hotel sipping champagne on August 18, 2009. West stuck his finger up at the photographers as they tried to hide behind the cabanas they had placed for extreme privacy under the watchful eye of security.
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  • Pytches

    As much as I am not a fan, I’ve got to give her probs though. She’s got a body that can stop a truck… And for her hair, the ladies hating her here are just sick jealous because we all know what short hair means for a lady… And for the men who do not know, I’ll tell you…it takes a super beautiful woman to pull off a short hair and an even super dupa fly beautiful woman to pull off a mega short hair as hers. She’s a bombshell and she knows it. I think y’all know it too, that’s why you hating so much. But don’t worry, she understands. :)

  • Ceylan Donmez
    Ceylan Donmez

    OMG Im sooo jalous I wish I had her body the best body ever,. 1000000000 times better than Kim Kardashian!!

  • rightasrain

    BEAUTIFUL body, butt, breasts, legs, hips, waist, stomach, arms, neck, even feet! She looks totally natural, I see no signs of plastic surgery. People keep calling her ugly, come on, she is cute @ the very least. But the tattoos are just plain trashy.

  • Hoelscher Theresa
    Hoelscher Theresa

    That looks like a tattoo of a dogs paw on her leg, What she likes to let dogs near her pubic area or what? How sick!!!