'American Idol' Alums: Where Are They Now?

  • 'American Idol' Alums: Where Are They Now?
As for Taylor Hicks, 35, David Cook, Kris Allen, 26, and Lee DeWyze, 25, even though they took home the 'American Idol' title, they haven't been as successful as the others. All debuted albums as per the contract after winning the competition, but they we were all dropped from their original record labels.
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  • Miya

    Really that's all you can say about these three? At least do your homework on Taylor Hicks before you make such a blatantly ignorant statement. Taylor started his own record label and is in Nashville recording his third CD due out this year. He had one of the most successful tours ever as a headliner coming right off if Idol and has been touring and working ever since, carving out a nice career for himself as a touring artist and actor. With the best yet to come.

  • Ali

    I've never been an "Idol" watcher, but took my daughter to see David Cook in concert last year. Great show, great showman. He's got talent and charisma, just needs the right vehicle to get him out there.

  • Natalie

    David Cook hardly deserves to appear in the same sentence as Taylor Hicks! He released a sophomore CD last year, went on tour covering over 50 venues, and has had 4 major radio hits, along with a currently playing single: "Time of My Life", "Light On", "Come Back to Me", "The Last Goodbye", and "Fade Into Me".

  • olivia

    kind of dumb you feel the need to update us on carrie underwood and kelly clarkson. theyre still very famous. where are they nows are usually reserved for people that have dropped off the radar...

  • ewolf.girl

    David Cook is my all-time favorite Idol. He has a loyal following and is amazing in concert! He's the only Idol I truly follow.

  • Gus

    Both David Cook and Kris Allen were moved in the Sony music group shuffle. They are now both assigned to the RCA branch, but they were never dropped by the label. Kris' new cd should be out this year, and it says a lot for him that RCA has him continuously writing songs for others as well as for himself.