Angelina Jolie at 2012 Golden Globes

  • Angelina Jolie at 2012 Golden Globes
Angelina Jolie arrives at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 15, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.
Angelina Jolie at 2012 Golden Globes
Source: Getty Images
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  • Dylan

    She's absolutely beautiful and you're just a jealous troll.

  • Baby

    Yet here you are on HER thread, I'd say she owns you.

  • Jean

    Flawless!!! The most elegant dress and different type of outfit I've seen in the red carpet. Spectacular Versace dress. She's beautiful with or with or without make up. Superstar Angie!

  • Kriss

    She's awesome!!!! She's personifies confidence, intelligence and she owns herself. She doesn't have to smile and she still ruled the red carpet...any carpet. She knows what this is all about...Hollywood Politics so she's giving the "them/us" something to talk about. I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angie Rocks...around the world. Great humanitarian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

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  • Haha

    You said everything I was just thinking lol. Angie is so overrated.

  • pak31

    Just can't see the fascination with her. Not a down to earth looking girl. Face too pasty white, too skinny, makeup too dramatic. She's boney and gothic looking. Hardly smiles either. She looks like if she opens her mouth fangs are going to stick out. Not approachable at all.

  • nay

    Angelina Jolie never disappoints her dressing was simple,classy and elegant ... Good job Angie

  • sondra hassman
    sondra hassman

    too damm skinny and smile honey and rid of that blood red lip rouge