Angelina Jolie takes a break from

  • Angelina Jolie takes a break from
Angelina Jolie takes a break from filming to have a quick bite to eat in Budapest on November 9, 2010.
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  • anny

    lol...... funny.....your right all the millions from their 450 million dollar bank acccount is like a 1 dollar to us not to mentiona they get to write it off on their taxes. Your right though now that she broke up a 3 confirmed marriage and decided this is the one to tie down and have babies with all is = in the world. All her affair w/both men and women oh and did i metnion her moms boyfriend when she was only 14, adminitting to playing sex games from her own mouth since kindergarden,cutting herself, oh and those drug photos of her all screwed up with duck tape on her breast.Real winner ambassador yet only promotes violent and nudity in her movies and her her real life is WAY WORSE WHAT SHE DOES TO FAMILIES. I bet you would feel different has she screwed your marriage up. oh and yes the kids the hands on with one nannie per child which whom they call "mum". You cannot tell me you work 16 hours a day and a hands on mom at same time. That is bs. Oh and the sex pictures with the hores....goggle it tat's dont lie. Every single interview she does she tells lies and anyone that goes on about how PERFECT their family (or the family she broke up?) well they have problems to its not the fairy tale she wants the world to believe. Brad is sweet from what I hear.....other then cant keeep it in his pants. She is a person like me or you or anyone else she sure as hell is not a GOD or anyone to be worshipped. Killing animals as a kid awwww that warm is coming back.....she has destroyed many lifes/families.when she does this fim she will once a gain destroy more people. I have been raped and I would not want anyone to write about it expect ME. They will have to re-live those memories.Flyining on her private jet for a day and look of concern then flying back to only 1 of her 40 million dollar homes does not make her "anything" Yeah I would like to light a candle alright..........OPEN YOUR EYES your either blind and or naive.

  • Carolyn Douglas
    Carolyn Douglas

    If you can find a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who can hold a candle to Angelina Jolie...then light it. That will never happen...women can only hope to stand in her shadow. She's beautiful...with the Grace Of A Angel. I have seen the kindness, and love which comes from her heart. Not to mention her taste in men....Brad is a Sweety....The kids!!!! are adorable...