Style Showdown! Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

  • Style Showdown! Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston
Who rocks the LBD best?
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  • guest

    Who is choosing the pictures? Because they are picking out the worst Angelina pictures that exist. If you want to compare, make it fair.

  • MiimZ

    I think here we ALL agree that Jen rocked it better!!

  • mc

    Whatever Angie wears, it always looks good on her..Same with Jen. They both have different style, looks and age so there's no need to compare. Both girls are beautiful in their own way whatever life they had in the past or in their future.

  • tina57

    JustJen looks are better and body.

  • diana12

    Honestly I have to say Jennifer looks hotter :) Angelinas dress doesnt look right on her thin frame and her arms need more tone way to thin!

  • Just A Thought
    Just A Thought

    Actually he wasn't with his ex girlfriend then. They were on & off for years & when he met Jennifer, they were off. Though you can't blame his ex for being upset that he started dating Jennifer Aniston because she probably assumed they would get back together like they always did. Although I was never an Angelina Jolie fan, I think that they need to stop comparing the two of them. The situation was terrible & was a sad ending to a marriage. It looks like everyone involved has moved on...I'm thinking the rest of the world can too.

  • Jen

    You know people do live fulfilling lives without "popping" out babies. And popping one out for a spouse is just brain dead thinking. We have enough kids that were not truly "wanted". Would you blame George Clooney for not wanting kids?

  • chingbaby

    Oh dear, just be happy that Brad and Angelina are gettin g married. They have 6 children and more to come. Jen has found Justin but unfortunately may not conceive due to her age, the lady is 43! The main thing is everyone is happy..Be happy for them all.

  • Sandy

    Yeah, Angelina is stupid for her life choice by having six kids. She should just get rid of them and spend her days doing yoga, tanning, getting face peels, 5grand haircuts, and dating a skinny jean wearing faux hipster.

  • JenJust

    LOL. What was Angelina and Brad thinking? Vacation in Mexico is the new cycle of life. Jen's got the best formula, me, myself and I. Kids are stretch marks and a lot of work. Sucker.

  • JenJust

    I s'pose stealing other peoples' boyfriend is OK.

  • Sallyann

    No maybe you are on the crack Jen looks far far better than Angelina at least she isnt worn out from all the fighting and kids. Angelina is one horrid bag of bones and her clothes look revolting just hanging off he rody at least Jen has a decent looking body to wear them with. I would much rather look at Jennifer any day.

  • bunnyfreckles

    Angelina a Lady? ROFL!! What a joke! Jen IS the full package and doesn't steal people's husbands. Angelina is so skinny she looks like a boy, not feminine whatsoever.

  • IEM

    Is everyone on crack on the poll, look how sloppy Jen looks, i think Angie looks wayyyy hotter here! you people are flindddd!!! ugh....

  • kristy23

    I'll admitt when Angie was younger she was beautiful but now not so much. She is losing her looks and body well she never really had much of a body just boobs and Jen she is gorgeous and seems to get better as she gets older. Angie needs to take better care of herself! Jen is the full package, she's beautiful, classy, smart, has an amazing body!

  • Nenk

    Whitney Houston, the Brazil love you. O Brasil ama voce. You are us inripsation. We belive in your back. We look to you

  • Eliana

    Jen is always with the same sandals doesnt she have no others to put?Really like Angie dress always simply!

  • Ealzaaem

    I acautlly think aesthetically she does look better now, but the fact that she got so much work done completely takes away from it and makes it sort of weird and gross.

  • Mellers

    Angelina's dress isn't as hot as Jen's but Angelina is way hotter than Jen. Its the woman, not the dress :)

  • Jess

    I would hardly call what Angelina is wearing a LITTLE Black Dress. It's just a black dress.

  • Leonor

    angelina is beautiful no matter what dress she wears. Jen has to wear actually somethin nice to look good. Angelina is a LADY she wears appropiate clothes for her style and age..thnks :)

  • pippa

    the thing is, Jen is always looking frech! on the other hand Angelina is way too matronly with the long boring dress and the hair... Just saying if she changes her style a lil bit she would actually look fab.

  • Asha Parsatoon
    Asha Parsatoon

    Jennifer looks better...Angelina can't compare to her

  • arco

    Angelina has a BEAUTIFUL face, but is scary SKINNY. Jennifer ir better overall