Style Showdown: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

  • Style Showdown: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston
Which talk show style do you prefer?
Source: Getty Images
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  • Aq


  • Me

    Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer is the best

  • Tonya Holmes
    Tonya Holmes


  • Tdo

    jen all the way

  • Ginger Rogue
    Ginger Rogue

    I've read the article. It says "older photo of Angie". This is nothing about how old nor it being taken when she was in her twenties.

  • contrabuzz

    If you read the article more closely, you will see that the pic of Jolie in a bikini is from her twenties, not now, and was taken way before she had any pregnancies.

  • seattleslem

    Angelina has the prettier face. Jennifer has the more toned body; it helps not to have had any children, of course.

  • diana12

    jennifer jeans and cute shirt always looks great on her:)

  • Sue Greer
    Sue Greer

    I'm glad we don't have to depend upon your opinion for our "glamorous looks and fashion design!"

  • Sue Greer
    Sue Greer

    Jennifer always typifies the wholesome high school girl asked out for the prom, with her touselled hair and girlish grin. Angelina, on the other hand exudes grace, worldlyness and unequaled beauty. She has the look that makes everyone in the room automatically gravitate to her when she walks in. She has a timeless beauty. And I must say that though I don't see much of a contest now, I think the could be no comparison at all if Jennifer had gone through as many childbirths as Angie has had.

  • George L. Smith
    George L. Smith

    Angelina has one thing going for her (that is, whenever she remembers to put Carmex on those crusty lips) she has a pretty face and that is it! And she is not even close to being one of the prettiest women in Hollywood. Almost all of the younger women coming along outshine her. But at lease she looks better than Jennifer, who has an absolutely heavely body. If Jennifer and Angelina could trade heads, you would have a one very good looking, sexy woman, and one that would make you vomit to look at.

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    lol you guys are hilarious in here and obviously do not have enough sense to make realistic comments about what this topic is! But anyway they both look great and comfortable in what they are wearing in this photo.

  • Natalia

    No, Jenn is a goddess. She has more style than the other woman.

  • Lynn

    You're funny!

  • nicole

    Angie, she is a goddess

  • Marilyn Nickel
    Marilyn Nickel


  • Sasha

    Quit posting. What are you 3??

  • Brit

    Fuck clothes, look at Jolies face.... Angie all the way!!!!!!

  • AllGodsCreaturesAreBeautiful

    This is not Jolie's usual style but I think it is a nice change. I love that copper tone and I think Aniston look very at home in her style so I would have to say both.

  • tabachu

    i love angelina but i'll go for jen here... ^@^

  • 'Cindylicius Love
  • MiimZ


  • sona


  • klimt