Style Showdown: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

  • Style Showdown: Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer or Angelina's slit up the side?
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  • elia

    Jennifer Aniston wins by a long shot. She has natural curves and a perky shapely butt. Angelina has no waist, square hips and a flat butt. In Tomb Raider she had to have a man dressed in a bikini to be her body double. She's no comparison to Jennifer's curvaceous body and shapely legs.

  • rc

    Angelina Jolie can't act!!!? What are you, NUTS or have you not seen all of her pictures? And let's talk about the idiot plug-in bad sitcom dummy. And now let's get down to that face of hers... Angelina Jolie has a one in a million, ideal, beautiful female face and body beyond compare. She's like Raquel Welch or Ursula Andress. True beauty and sex appeal is Angie's. Jennifer Anniston is a plump NY housewife after one kid. Please!!! Also, she cannot act herself out of a paper bag, and her and Brad's giving millions of quality causes around the world in like no one else is Hollywoods. What does Anniston do? Spend twelve hours in the gym working out full-time and buying clothes, looking at herself in the mirror and trying to compete with Jolie. Forget it. No contest. EVER!!!

  • ashbi

    tu es folle d'aimer Angelina jen est sublime et sensuelle malgré son age

  • MiimZ

    Definetly Aniston!

  • kaye

    Angie...Hey haters, we don't mind who cheats who...what's important is who's with Brad now, who He loves now, who had his children...that's it

  • cris


  • Dahnya Whitley
    Dahnya Whitley

    angelina jolie allllllllllt he way come on you have to be blind jen LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING MAN

  • Tonya Holmes
    Tonya Holmes


  • kat

    Haha! So true!

  • kat

    What a joke! She can't act at all.. as if her roles require any actually talent apart from posing. Comedy is actually much more difficult to pull off. The nly good film I ever saw Angelina in was Girl Interupted.. and that is probably because she didn't have to act much just be her messed up self.

  • contrabuzz

    Anorexia is better than chubby? Are you serious? You have no idea how serious anorexia is and how many people die from it, do you? It is horrible disease and one that haunts its sufferers for years before it finally kills them by shutting down their organs from lack of nutrition. There is no way that anorexia is better than chubby. I don't know if Jolie is anorexic, but she does have a tattoo that says "what nourishes me destroys me" in latin and that is seen as a motto for a lot of pro ana sites. So could be, could not be. Whatever the case, you need to reevaluate your life if you think that anorexia is better than chubby. Perhaps research all the pain that has been caused by anorexia.

  • betty

    what is wrong with you?

  • betty

    wow. you're a real fan aren'tcha? I've never seen a person so crazed over nothing and about people who don't even know you exist. you kind of have that stalker vibe thing going on...might want to chill out a bit you crazy bastard

  • carol

    settle down jay.

  • not crazy obssesed like you
    not crazy obssesed like you

    You're more off balance than the realist commenter. Computer time at the loony bin? YOU DON'T KNOW THESE PEOPLE TO HATE EIATHER OF THEM! You have absolutely NO idea how they really are when the cameras are off. Amazingly enough they BOTH might be really nice or really not nice. We don't know.

  • not obssesivly nuts
    not obssesivly nuts

    You are a crazy obsessed jolie fan. Wow, nothing better to do than write a mini book about people and things you don't know about? The question is not about them, who again none of us know, it's about who looks better, that's it. And anyone who says it's jolie is a plain liar. Yes, she obviously to anyone with eyes does more with her life and money than aniston but that wasn't the question, now was it? Aniston is WAY better looking as a whole package and that is a fact we can all see clearly without making crazy comments like we all just chatted with them last week and know all there is to know.

  • Jay D Oronea
    Jay D Oronea

    yeah..your right..can i im voter of ange and you r? who?

  • Jay D Oronea
    Jay D Oronea


  • Jay D Oronea
    Jay D Oronea

    yeah.....ryte......angei is perfect....and her long legs...

  • Jay D Oronea
    Jay D Oronea

    yeah...your right.! gurl.....jen is a girl next door..! people say that angie is second to brad..... but ange and brad is perfect.......husband and wife... jen is shit all the time.....! gogogogog ANGELINA AND BRAD.@!

  • Jay D Oronea
    Jay D Oronea

    i hate you.......sorry but i always ANGELINA.!

  • Jay D Oronea
    Jay D Oronea

    i hate...JEN! ...angei is perfect all he time.....she can act everthing..she can anyhiNg...................... she knows how to..ACT.into her movies..\! like..MR.&MRS.SMITH IS PERFECT.! 4EVER.! SALT...........AND HER LOT OF movie..

  • realist

    Jennifer believes they did not have an affair and got together after Brad and Jen split. Read it for yourself in her Vanity Fair interview on their website. And if you payed any attention at all Brad was always gushing about wanting kids. He teared up talking about it, he wanted a family. Jen wanted to start a movie career and only talked about babies when she was promoting a movie. Recently she said she didn't understand why so many people cared about her life and if she had kids or not. She said people were so narrow minded to think she couldn't be happy without a baby. Well Jen, people cared because it's what you said you wanted any chance you got. It's ok if she doesn't want kids, but coming out and saying it would hurt her career badly. Because Jen has kept the Rachel persona, and women who don't want children are looked down upon, that there is something wrong with them, they assume they don't "like" kids. Well you can love kids but not want to be a parent yourself. Brad was absolutely right when he said the public had their own romantic ideas and beliefs about their relationship and it's clear people can't let go of their fantasy of "Brad and Jen's perfect world and undying love that was just magical". Because the truth is they wanted separate things in life. They are human. It's so clear that Brad and Angie are compatible in so many ways and they are happy. Brad wanted those kids so get your facts straight. Nobody saw Brad and Angie screwing around on the movie. Julia Roberts on the other hand was sleeping with her now husband openly while making a movie. He was married with children. His wifes name was Vera. They split up. During their divorce Julia didn't think it was going fast enough and blamed Vera. So Julia made a Tshirt that said 'A low Vera' in public. Julia had no empathy that her man's wife was going through a crisis and had the children to take care of. Julia married the guy, Danny Moder and nobody says anything about her. There are so many people who have made no effort to hide their affairs and have ended long term relationships and marriages. People who've done very hurtful things with evidence. Angelina is attacked like no other woman I know. She has always been honest and admited to doing very stupid things in her youth. She is brave to admit to doing what many others have done. She has grown into a woman of great integrity. When you see photos of her in the slums of refugee camps, the paparazzi don't go there. The photos are taken by photo journalists and are used for a purpose. THIS POST IS MEANT FOR EVERYONE.

  • DAN


  • diana12

    Jennifer all the way the legs the dress looks beautiful:) Angelina looks frumpy here:)

  • mafiahusband317

    NOOOOOO CONTEST JENNIFER ROCKS!!!! JOLIE>>>>> NEEDS TO CRAWL BACK UNDER HER ROCK> LMAO Brad ya SCREWED YOURSELF ROYAL your supposed to trade up not sublevel down.But then again tryin to find better than what you had was a waste of time.QUESTION 4 U??? How many nights have you sat up unable to sleep thinking about who you had and what you lost...BETTER YET WHERE YOU WOULD BE TODAY IF YOU HAD KEPT YOUR ZIPPER CLOSED??? KARMA IS A BITCH HUH!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Jolie looks like an anorexic space alien here

  • kristy23

    Omg ppl! Jen has a much hottier and healthier body then Angie! Jen is so beautiful, classy and hot! The only thing ppl really like about Angie is her lips! I love Jen!

  • Rachel

    Jen! do something different with your hair pleaseeeeeee!!!

  • Eliana

    Angelina looks much better!!!Jennifer doesn't know how to pose with a slip up the side!!Doesn't have the body shape our the height to wear this dress.

  • Liz

    Angie of course..

  • nicole

    Angie is so pretty, don't like Jen, trying hard...

  • xoxomecdy

    your right jen looks like a she-male here.. lol

  • Hannah Nothard
  • Brit

    Angie, Jen looks like a boy..

  • courtneybaaaby

    jens dress is beautiful!

  • Oksana Yancheva
    Oksana Yancheva


  • Marwa Braham
    Marwa Braham

    i would choose jen, she is my best

  • Patrice

    angelina, she is sooo pretty, jen is just a girl next door

  • Kate

    laughing at the legs after Angelina :D lol

  • MiimZ


  • Misty Petersen
    Misty Petersen

    Jen again I will always go with Jen I really do not like angelina at all.Jen is soooo much prettier and sweeter I think

  • klimt

    Aniston. Definitely the hottest/better legs.

  • Anna Maria Cárcamo
  • simplyme000

    Angeline looks like a grand-ma actually!

  • Dorothy Hall
    Dorothy Hall

    Jen all the way. angie looks like a lady of the "night".