AnnaLynne McCord gets her hair in

  • AnnaLynne McCord gets her hair in
AnnaLynne McCord gets her hair in a twist as she walks to a rehearsal on the set of '90210' in Manhattan Beach, Ca. With it tied up in bunches, the actress who plays Naomi Clark on the show couldn't stop playing with her hair and wore a revealing v-neck t shirt. She then met up with co-star Matt Lanter, who plays her love interest in the series, Liam Court. Not only did it look like they could be getting back together in the show but they looked very friendly between scenes as he massaged her neck!
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  • Zygmunt

    Inner Circle is in the Private sreeis. Private is a fun soap-operaish Gossip Girl-type sreeis. (Ditto A-List, Nannies, It Chicks, Insiders, etc.)Slight digression: speaking of Gossip Girl (the show), at first I didn't think Blake Lively (who played Bridget in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) was a good choice for Serena, but she's winning me over. And using the voice of Kristen Bell (of Veronica Mars fame) for the voiceovers of the anonymous Gossip Girl was a rare stroke of TV genius.

  • caye

    well hello hottie! And he is sweet, massaging her her neck? yep. definately sweet!! I love him!!

  • anna

    he's sooo hot! I want him!

  • Tahmina

    I Love Matt he is so damn hot.He massaged her neck........