'Arrested Development': Who's Who

  • 'Arrested Development': Who's Who
Portia de Rossi as Lindsay Fünke / Nellie Sitwell Who is she: Lindsay Fünke is the mother of Maeby Fünke and the on-again, off-again wife of Tobias Fünke. She is also Michael's "twin" sister, though it is revealed at the end of Season 3 that she was adopted into the family. Her biological father is Stan Sitwell, the family's arch nemesis in a rival building company.  Last we saw her: She was aboard the Queen Mary drinking her sorrows away after uncovering that she was adopted and -- worst of all -- actually older than she thought she was. Fun fact: Given that Tobias is often not attracted to Lindsay, the couple actually used $130,000 of the Bluth Company money to get pregnant with Maeby.  
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