'Arrested Development': Who's Who

  • 'Arrested Development': Who's Who
Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth Who is she: Lucille Bluth is the vodka-guzzling matriarch of the Bluth family. At the end of Season 3, it is revealed that she was the mastermind behind selling Bluth Company model homes to¬†Saddam Hussein and pinning the crimes on her husband, George Sr. While her husband was away in jail, Lucille also had an affair with George Sr.'s twin brother, Oscar -- who, as it turns out, is her youngest son's biological father. Last we saw her: After Michael called the cops on his own mother at their company party aboard the historical Queen Mary, Lucille hijacks the ship in a attempt to run from the police. Fun fact: She lives beside her arch nemesis, Lucille Austero (or "Lucille 2"), who's had romantic relationships with both her sons Gob and Buster Bluth.
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