'Arrested Development': Who's Who

  • 'Arrested Development': Who's Who
Alia Shawkat as Mae "Maeby" Fünke  Who is she: Maeby is the sarcastic and often neglected daughter of Tobias Fünke (pronounced fewn-kay) and Lindsay Bluth. After giving her cousin George Michael peck on the lips "as a joke" to get her parent's attention, he starts to develop unrequited feelings for her that eventually becomes a mutual thing.Last we saw her: Real-life filmmaker Ron Howard (and the shows narrator) tells Maeby to turn her dysfunctional family's drama into a movie. Fun fact: Maeby accidentally became a movie producer after she followed her aspring actor of a father to the studio one day. Her cover was blown after George Michael sent invitations to her surprise birthday party to everyone on her industry rolodex, revealing her real age.  
Source: FOX
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