'Arrested Development': Who's Who

  • 'Arrested Development': Who's Who
Jason Bateman as Michael Bluth  Who is he: Michael is the straight man and the middle child of the Bluth family. After his father was sent to jail for treason charges, namely building model homes for Saddam Hussein that allegedly housed weapons of mass destruction, Michael was the one who cleared the Bluth name and uncovered that George Sr. was only a patsy in crimes committed by his mother, Lucille. Last we saw him: Driving away on a yacht with his son, George Michael, after finding out his mother was the criminal mastermind behind building houses overseas, forcing his dysfunctional family to -- for once -- fend for themselves without his help. Fun fact: As a kid, Michael once played lawyer for Captain Hook in a school play. Later in life, Michael used said role to kind of bend the truth, telling a blind lawyer at a bar that he practiced maritime law in order to pick her up.  
Source: FOX
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