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  • nickgianni

    gurrl is fiiiiine

  • nickgianni

    gurrl is fiiiiine

  • Madison Stanton
    Madison Stanton

    this is just not needed, how much attention does she need, we've already seen her fully nude on those leaked pix, and now this...totally ridiculous. And as for kstew, love her and all but she keeps saying things like i need to own somethings in my life, i want to be private, everyone should keep certain things to regards to her and robs relationship, and meanwhile shes going fully nude in her upcoming movie, talk about keeping stuff yea. just go public with rob and keep yo clothes on.

  • dd

    she should of worn a bra... i'm 35 & my boobs have yet to sag like hers.

  • annu

    i`ve never noticed it before, but telling from these pic: she is all too skin and bones!really!!!couple of extra pounds would do her good...

  • kristenfierce

    Still fabulous love you ASHLEY!!!

  • hallie

    one question! How does the painted on bikini not wash away? besides wouldn't take be more Ashley's style anyway

  • kim

    just another fame whore that's all i'm gonna say i used to hate kristen but omg compared to this girl kristen is like an angel and even though i don't like her so much kristen is like a million time more calssy than this girl

  • crystalhope

    I like her a lot, she's very beautiful and this type of face looks really fresh among blond bombshells and fake savages. I think she could play Bella not worse than Kstew does.

  • Nikola

    I love this pictures... They're amazing!! Go to hell with Kristen! This is photoshoot about Ashley, not her! Ashley Greene is beautiful and her body is pretty hot and you're just jealous of it. And Sports Illustrated is NOT a porn mag! I think it's honour for any model! ASHLEY KEEP IT UP! YOUR SUCH A SWEETIE!

  • LAG

    That's actually pretty cool.

  • maiara

    come on, she's gorgeous and cute, like a marmeid whatever that happened with her is in the past , she 's great

  • luci

    and people prefer this sh*t and kristen stewart is bad influence? C´mon, I prefer kristen for role model,than this, this girl dos not have shame,

  • Sin

    Is it me but she is over-exposed. I am certainly glad, she did not get the role of Bella is the Twilight saga movies.