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  • Ray

    I see what you mean dude, her boobs look droopy and she has her arms above her head, they are saggy! But at least that means she has been giving us guys some pokey nipple to see when out in public.

  • rick

    Wow, Ashley's face is to die for, very nice! But, looks as though she has never worn a bra in her life...saggy boobs....bzzzzt! Her bootie is also sliding down her legs...she needs to hit the gym.

  • jw3417

    nice pics

  • venysia

    i would love to have body like hers!

  • orny...

    woow ke bel fisico

  • ilooooveit.

    don´t llike her but i loooove alice. besides bella, she is the coolest female character in the twilight saga movie for sure.

  • kristenfierce

    looks so pretty!

  • whaaaaat 0_o
    whaaaaat 0_o

    omg seriously wtf is that i used to like her so much but right now all she's doing is just making photoshoots like this and trying so hard to get attention it's really getting annoying and i'm tired of it she's cute and all but there are lots of cute girls and she's just another slut i'm not a fan of her anymore

  • vpopadiuc87

    she doesnt have a butt! ?

  • F.

    She looks beautiful. I love these pictures. & Come on, there's nothing over the top, I agree with crystalhope. She's great.

  • crystalhope

    I see nothing that can be described as "over the top" She's got a hot body, there's nothing to be ashamed of and wear a one-piece

  • sweetcourts

    The paint actually covers more of her than some bathing suites some celebs have worn in pics on here she is covered and not posing wrong she looks nice

  • missthing06

    i like her but that's a little over the top. why does she feel like she need to do this? WEAR A FREAKIN REAL BATHING SUIT