Audrina Patridge at PURE Nightclub for Curve Appeal for Men Party

  • Audrina Patridge at PURE Nightclub for Curve Appeal for Men Party
Audrina Patridge celebrates the launch of curve appeal for men at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV on February 18, 2012.
Source: Curve Appeal
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  • Josmen

    You're layout looks nice but I uslualy check your blog from my smartphone so I have to confess it doesn't look that different on that interface so I don't even recall the old one! I was a little confused about the name change....does that mean you're going to change what you post about now since the new blog name seems more fashion-y so quite different than what you uslualy post? I've read your blog for awhile now -- ~ 12+ months so I was just curious if you're going to go in a whole new direction now?

  • jennyst

    Was lucky to be at PURE for Audrina's party. Fun event! Good and bad about Audrina's appearance... Good: Audrina looked as fit and toned as I have ever seen her. She has definitely been working out! Little purple dress was cute. Great color, fit her like a glove! Bad: Audrina’s hair is weird now. The stylist for the night did a fantastic job of trying to disguise there is NO hair on the sides of Audrina's head! It's been drastically cut. The stylist used a braid on one side and a back sweep on the other and then pulled hair from the back of her head forward to create the illusion length. Her hair has been cut up to her chin, used to fall on her chest! Good work by the stylist. Not the normal gorgeous, glam, long, hair look from Audrina.