How It Plays Out

  • How It Plays Out
How It Plays Out: With father Bruce undergoing his sixth voluntary colonoscopy of the year, and Rob unable to form a fist for fear of ruining his manicure, there’s nobody left to protect the house from the intrusion of the Fantastic-Sam’s-gone-horribly-wrong-hair-cut known as Scott Disick, who invades the Jenner-Kardashian home during the family holiday dinner. Baby-mama-drama will be short lived as Kim and Khloe each grab a turkey drumstick and simultaneously whack Disick across the chops, sending the snowboarder hard to the floor. The body will never be found. Signature Dish: Little Apple Tarts
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  • smiles

    woahh theres a f***ing dinosaur on the left

  • sydsouth

    * Khloe looks like she's 8 foot next to her sisters!!*

  • lizbizz11

    Most physco family of the year.