How It Plays Out

  • How It Plays Out
How It Plays Out: High on chestnuts, Michael slams a voice recorder onto the dining room table and demands each Lohan provide at least five quotable comments for him to sell to In Touch Weekly. Under the pressure to perform, nobody speaks, nobody eats, nobody even moves, save for Lindsay, whose eyes blink rapidly before her head slowly teeters into the mashed potatoes. Help arrives as each of the Lohans' separate publicists crash through the dining room window to provide their clients with a list of approved things to do and say for the holiday season. Signature Dish: Seriously Whipped Yams
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  • WTF

    omg , their are so falsee, look at that make upp, that is nothher facee!!WWTTFFF, oh such a likely girl turning into a horrible monsterr, poorr family

  • sydsouth

    * Lindsey has the best eyes...if I was her mom I would be so embarrassed to be with my own daughter!! I knw that sucks..*

  • shawa

    Hope the sister won't take after LIndsay's foolishness

  • vpopadiuc87

    those noses were made for snorting .... coke ....

  • LAG

    The Lohan ladies look so alike.