Battle of the Hot Kates: Kate Beckinsale

  • Battle of the Hot Kates: Kate Beckinsale
With a name like Kate or Katie, it seems like you have to be hot! Check out the slew of sexy ladies that share this name!
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  • Sara

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe she can't have any more kids? Or maybe that he can't? Maybe they don't want any more children. What I find strange is that you're being so judgmental of a marriage and relationship that you aren't involved in, nor do you know the people in the aforementioned relationship. Very rude to assume such a thing, and so very inappropriate.

  • Cheryl Coyle
    Cheryl Coyle

    It is strange that after seven years of marriage, Kate Beckinsale still hasn’t had any children with Len Wiseman while he has selflessly helped raise her daughter for all this time.