Battle of the Hot Kates: Kate Middleton

  • Battle of the Hot Kates: Kate Middleton
With a name like Kate or Katie, it seems like you have to be hot! Check out the slew of sexy ladies that share this name!
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  • Sanders

    I hope Catherine will begin to put the weight back on and return to her normal size. She was more attractive when she had a fuller figure like in this image. She shouldn’t turn into one of those super-skinny Hollywood types.


    Dear Kate Middleton: I'm Wayne C. one of your friends in America.I want you tyo say hello to your husband,and all your family.I want you to have all the fun in the wolrd and keep that big beautiful smile on your face.I love youand I'll love for you all to come to America,and have the greatest time with I don't ever want you to forget about me I want to visit Europe,and meet all the roayls.I want you all to send me some cash money,and gifts.I want you to say hello to your family I think that you all are some wonderful people I want you to just talk about everything in the wolrd anytime we get together.I want you all to have all the fun with me.I want you to send me e-mails letters to my home address.I thank you for defending me.I think about you all the time.Say hello to everyone for me all the parliament of Europe..

  • Meg

    No contest! Kate is the most beautiful!