Battle of the Hot Kates: Kate Hudson

  • Battle of the Hot Kates: Kate Hudson
With a name like Kate or Katie, it seems like you have to be hot! Check out the slew of sexy ladies that share this name!
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  • Jessica

    Lolll wtf dude.


    Dear Kate Middleton: I'm Wayne C.your distant lover I want to make love to you all day,and night I want to have sex with you.I truely l love you.I hope that this is what you want me to say.Keep smiling,and be happy!!!I want you to send me some cash money so that I can buy a home.I'm so poor.I want to be super rich.I want you to love me greater than you will ever think about.I don't want to disrespect your marrage.I just said that because of telpathy.I don't want to disappoint you.


    Dear Kate Hudson: I'm Mr.Wayne one of distant lovers I'm just writing to say hello I love you,and be good.I want to take you out on a date.I'm just writing to make friends,and have some extea lovers be good I want to see you soon.